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how do I find non-fiction that isn't just a vehicle for self promotion

Do these exist now? It's maybe a bit cynical, but I'm having a genuinely difficult time. I mean right off the bat if someone tells me a book is recommended by Joe Rogan or someone on his podcast I'm out. Maybe that's wrong of me.

I'm not really looking for self-help style stuff either. I don't want to hear about how if I just slept 8 hours a night, meditated 3 hours a day, did intermittent fasting every 16 hours while getting no less than 3 hours of BJJ in I will totally change my life. I think that's kind of obvious. Heads up: doing tens of hours a week of anything that you're not currently doing is going to change your life. Some of it for the better even.

I read a lot of stuff on behavioral economics because I found it super interesting. You know all the Thinking Fast and Slow, Nudge, that kind of stuff. I found that almost all of them all just end up referencing each other, and all of them reference Daniel Kahnemen, and the other guy he worked with. And then it turns out there's a lot of questions about just how valid their findings are. Not that questions are a bad thing, but it irks me a bit to get a book on a subject, get halfway through it, and realize they just read the other books I did and are regurgitating it at me.

I really really liked Sapiens, and I didn't mind the follow up, although it wasn't nearly as good as the first. It was super interesting and I learned a lot about how humanity developed and all that fun stuff. But now I feel like if I pursue any popular book on that subject I'm liable to just end up with people regurgitating the same bits.

Maybe I just need to branch out more? Tell me what to read in the comments below so I can boost site engagement.

(PS: There are no comments below).

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