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hear me out now

A blockchain for email deliverability. Think about it, because I sure haven't. That's not going to stop me from writing a post suggesting it.

Also AI will be involved obvs.

I keep considering setting up my own mail server ever since Google threatened to force me to pay to keep my email address. I ended up just switching to icloud because it was easy, but icloud mail kinda sucks. The web client is iffy, it won't talk to the Windows mail app for some reason I haven't bothered to figure out. The search is iffy. It doesn't have labels so I have to put everything in folders like it's 2005. Just not feelin' it. There's other ones like fastmail and stuff but ehhhhhhhh. ehhhhhhh.

There's a lot of self hosted mail things. I bet some of them are even pretty good, and I really like the idea. But the problem always ends up being that if it's easy for you to set up, it's easy for some spammer to set up. Which means managing mail deliverability turns into a whole big thing. It's basically the value prop of a lot of transactional mail services, since it's not that hard to send mass emails. It's just hard to make sure they don't get blocked.

So web3 should fix it pls.

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